Further development and networking – International

At iska-berlin further development is not only a goal for clients and training participants, but also for the practice and training of the institute.

Our approach has benefited from a lively international exchange in the past.  We consider domestic and international exchanges as vital to our process and look forward to nurturing this aspect in future interactions.

Systemic brief therapy, as it has been developed, practiced and taught by Paul Watzlawick, Richard Fisch and John Weakland at the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto (USA), is less common in Germany than in other European countries. There, it is practiced and taught both in its original form and as a developed individual form.

If you are interested in Systemic Brief Therapy in general or specifically in Analogue Systemic Brief Therapy and Analogue Systemic Coaching (former: EAI Brief Therapy and EAI Coaching) and would like more information about training nationally and internationally, information is available on this website.