Change allows growth

Welcome to "iska-berlin," the institute for systemic brief therapy, counseling and training.  We offer systemic therapy, coaching, counseling, and supervision in German and English language, as well as training courses, workshops, and groups.

The iska-berlin was founded in 2013 in order to give the Systemic Brief Therapy and Systemic Coaching approach developed by Dr. Ilka Hoffmann-Bisinger, a space for practice, teaching, and further development. This approach is based on several years of collaboration with Dr. Paul Watzlawick and Dr. Richard Fisch at the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto (USA).

When people run into problems, try to solve them but are unsuccessful, they often think that they simply have to try harder. Despite failed attempts, many habitually continue to apply the same strategy, until they are finally stuck. These blocked patterns in thinking, feeling, and behavior can be interrupted by activating internal resources of the individual or the system. Once these blockages dissolve, the system can return to self-regulation. The liberated energy is then available for personal and professional success.

We appreciate your interest.


2 Day Workshop "Solution-focused Systemic Counselling - Deep Dive 1" in English - from September 9th -10th, 2023 - early bird registration until June 1st 2023