„The belief that one's own view of reality is the only reality is the most dangerous of all illusions“ (Paul Watzlawick)

Would you like to stop exhausting yourself through disputes and rather have a stimulating discussion? Do you want to dare the risk of intimacy and re-experience pleasure and love in your relationship? Would you like to grow together and yet remain true to yourself?

When couples stagnate painfully and hardly evolve together, this may be accompanied by controversy, missing or destructive communication, a lack of sexual desire among themselves, sexual difficulties and external relationships.

Whether it is a dispute about the education of the biological or stepchildren or about the partner’s behavior, in most cases patterns of interaction can be recognized that repeat themselves and reinforce each other. Often these patterns date back to the families of origin and determine the own „reality", the own subjective point of view. For most couples it is much easier to resolve these patterns with support from the outside.

Couples who have gone this route, often wish they had made ​​it easier for themselves and  begun earlier.

Couples therapy can thus be helpful to rediscover pleasure and love together or to make the separation process more bearable and manageable (mediation).

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