Families are like Mobiles – if you pull on one element, the rest moves too ...

Does your child have sudden difficulty in school? Are there conflicts in the family, which permanently disturb a harmonious togetherness? Are there people in the family who do not want to talk to each other anymore?

When children or adolescents are suffering, behave erratically or develop symptoms (e.g. staying away from school, abdominal pain or bedwetting), a family therapy may be helpful.

From a systemic point of view  "behavioral problems" of children and adolescents are often understandable only in the context of the whole family system and can be dissolved with the help of  recognizing patterns, loyalties, coalitions etc.. In this sense it is possible that a child, whose parents do not speak to each other anymore, starts to behave problematic in school. The consequence of the child’s behavior often is that the parents have to go back into a dialogue in order to solve the problem.

Family therapy is also suitable for families in which the children are grown up, and for unresolved conflicts between the generations.

Systemic family therapy pays attention to what happens between the individual family members, how they react to each other and what patterns and rules have emerged. Individual members of a family control the behavior of other members, and the reaction of the other members again influences their behavior. Family therapy sometimes is conducted with the whole family and sometimes with only a few family members, or in varying combinations, depending on who is actively involved in the subject or affected by it, or may contribute something to its solution.

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