Dr. Ilka Hoffmann-Bisinger

Dr. Ilka Hoffmann-Bisinger, psychologist, is founder and director of iska-berlin - institute for systemic brief therapy, counseling and training

She is a trainer, counselor, therapist, coach and supervisor at iska-berlin. Accredited by the Systemic Society (SG) as a trainer in therapy, coaching and supervision, she also trains at other systemic institutes in Germany and abroad. Ilka Hoffmann-Bisinger is also a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt a.M. in the master program "Counseling in the World of Work. Coaching and Supervision" and at the Universities of Mainz and Mannheim.

Trained in systemic brief therapy by Paul Watzlawick and Richard Fisch at the Mental Research Institute (MRI) in Palo Alto (USA), Ilka Hoffmann-Bisinger also participated several years in their team. As a research associate of the MRI, working on her PhD, she developed a systemic approach (Analogue Systemic Brief Therapy / EAI Brief Therapy), which has proved to be successful both in therapy and in coaching.

She is the author of the books "Changing Perspective - Changing Solutions. Activating Internal Images for Change in Systemic Brief Therapy "(Carl-Auer Verlag, 2007) [Link] and "Innere Bilder - Der Schlüssel zur Veränderung. Analoge Systemische Kurztherapie und Coaching"  (Klett-Cotta, 2023) [Link]. In 2007 she received the Research Award of the Systemic Society (SG) for her work. She also holds seminars and lectures on her work  internationally.

Since 1991 Ilka Hoffmann-Bisinger is working as a therapist and counselor.
After three years of training in psychological pain therapy, she initially focused more on the treatment of people with chronic pain. In the meantime, as a systemic therapist, coach, counselor and supervisor, she addresses a wide variety of client concerns.

Ilka Hoffmann-Bisinger successfully works with individuals, couples, families, groups, teams and organizations. Her clients appreciate both the empathic and respectful interaction, as well as a focused and result oriented cooperation, which is tailored to the client’s concerns. Clients are supported to experience what they want to experience in their private life and to achieve what they want to achieve in their professional life. Here, the promotion of an inner attitude that supports the client’s personal development, proved to be helpful. Also a systemic perspective that allows identifying and interrupting ingrained vicious cycles has been successful. During the whole process, the own inner resources of the client are consistently activated, in order to support their individual development and autonomy, as well as to promote the ability for empathic interaction with others.

Ilka Hoffmann-Bisinger conducts therapy, coaching, counseling, supervision and lectures in German and in English.