Systemic Couples Therapy

Director of training

Dr. Ilka Hoffmann-Bisinger


Berit Brockhausen, Prof. Dr. Ingmar Maurer, Jörg Machel and Dr. Ilka Hoffmann-Bisinger

Why might this training be interesting for you?

Therapy and counseling with couples poses some challenges, especially for therapists without special training in couples therapy. This one-year training gives opportunity to learn new skills from experienced practitioners and trainers from a systemic perspective. You will continuously practice and further refine what you have already learned throughout the course.

In this training program the relevant theoretical basics as well as the necessary methodological knowledge is taught, with a focus on their practical application. A further focus is on the systemic-constructivist stance of the therapist and on the development of each participant’s individual therapeutic style. In this context, the self-reflection module serves as an extension of one's own cognitive and behavioral patterns as a therapist.

Target group and prerequisites

This training program in Systemic Couples Therapy is available for psychologists, doctors, social workers and other professionals of the psycho-social field. The participants are selected in the application process. Besides a university degree, it is required that the participants have an active practice in counseling and / or therapeutic contexts and have the opportunity to work with couples.


Basics I
    > introduction
    > basics of couples therapy I

Basics II
    > basics of couples therapy II

Advanced Training I
    > couple related self-reflection

Advanced Training II
    > sex therapy

Advanced Training III
    > dealing with conflict and separation

Advanced Training IV
    > The Ask!-Model in couples therapy

Advanced Training V
    > case presentations
    > supervision


In this training program, the relevant theoretical foundations and the methodological “know-how " are alternately taught with practical individual, small and large group exercises, as well as through visual media.


This one-year training program takes place in Berlin. It includes seven two-day modules, each on a Friday and Saturday from 10:00 - 17:30 on the first day and from 9:00 - 16:30 on the second day. Participants will receive a qualifying certificate after completing all the requirements for certification.

Training fees and payment

The total participation fee for the whole training program is 2240, - €. The fee of 320, - € for each two-day module is to be transferred four weeks before each seminar or in total at the beginning of the training program. The application fee of 150, - € is payable with signing the contract and deductible from the fee for the first module.

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