Training and development for humans working with other humans

Would you like to further develop yourself and your skills? Are you looking for a new impetus for your work? Are you interested in a fruitful exchange about a specific topic with others?

The iska-berlin offers training programs, workshops and groups on various topics from a systemic perspective. An open, respectful and humorous atmosphere at our institute enables creativity and joyful learning. The in-depth continuing education currently includes the following training programs:

Systemic Brief TherapyAnalogue Systemic Brief Therapy (former: EAI Brief Therapy) - is offered at iska-berlin as a one-year training program and also as an open introductory workshop with the possibility of continuing in the training-program.

We also offer Analogue Systemic Brief Therapy and Analogue Systemic Coaching (former: EAI Brief Therapy and EAI Coaching) as an open workshop or as an introductory module within ongoing training programs at various institutes in Germany and internationally.

iska-berlin offers in-house workshops and trainings on various topics.

A group for womens on "working with the inner child" begins twice a year. [at the moment only in German]